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Contractual / Commercial

Elevate your business operations with Mona Consultancy's expertise in contractual and commercial management. Our streamlined services ensure robust contractual frameworks, meticulous reviews, and expert guidance throughout the commercial lifecycle. From negotiations to  ongoing management throughout execution, implementing change procedures, we safeguard your interests, mitigate risks, and optimize financial opportunities. Partner with Mona Consultancy for unparalleled expertise, propelling your projects towards success


Services we offer

  1. Contract Negotiation and Drafting

  2. Contractual Risk Analysis and Management

  3. Contract Compliance and Performance Monitoring

  4. Effective Communication and Collaboration with Stakeholders

  5. Proactive Problem-Solving for Commercial Challenges

  6. Monitoring Performance and Tracking Key Dates

  7. Ensuring Compliance with Contract Terms

  8. Progress Evaluation

  9. Document Governance & Oversight

  10. Contract Change Management 

  11. Project Close Out 

  12. Final Accounts


Trust Mona Consultancy for meticulous tracking and guidance, ensuring that every project aspect is met with precision until the contract reaches its successful closeout phases.

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