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Engineering & Design


Mona Consultancy leverages the expertise of its talented engineers and strategic design approach, offering a diverse array of specializations to the forefront, enabling the company to deliver premier engineering and design management consultancy services within the Construction and Energy Sectors..

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Services we offer

1.    Feasibility Study, Cost Efficiency, and Budget Estimation
2.    Development of Design Strategy
3.    Design Qualification
4.    Identification and Recommendation of Engineering & Design Subcontractors
5.    Design Review & Evaluation
6.    Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQs)
7.    Planning and Progress Monitoring for Design
8.    Design Management and Submittal Coordination
9.    Design Change Management
10.    Value Engineering

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures the provision of comprehensive and reliable solutions, meticulously tailored to address the distinctive challenges of the Construction and Energy sectors.

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