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Mona Consultancy excels in specialized project management consulting for Construction, Energy, and Oil & Gas. Tailoring programs to individual client preferences, our accomplished leaders oversee projects of all sizes, from strategic initiatives to smaller endeavors. With extensive experience, we provide comprehensive project management services covering power generation, transmission & distribution, building, infrastructure, healthcare, oil and gas, and water projects. Our expert teams handle endeavors of all sizes and complexities, offering highly skilled teams or appointing a single project manager as needed.
Our project management service encompasses definition, leadership, planning, stakeholder management, and control, ensuring timely and budget-compliant project delivery while maintaining the required quality standards.


Services we offer

  1. Project setup

  2. Contract Documentation Preparation

  3. Project Office Establishment & defining the organization, roles, and responsibilities

  4. Project teams and resource planning

  5. Project Cost Estimation & Budget Planning

  6. Project Planning with Project Management tools (Microsoft Project, Primavera, etc.) & Project Controls

  7. Earned Value Management

  8. Project templates (plans, procedures, reports, document forms, etc.) Setup & Implementation

  9. Project Cost Control & Quantity Surveying

  10. Finance & Invoicing

  11. Project Risk Analysis & Risk Management

  12. Methodology Development & Implementation

  13. Document Control

  14. QA/QC Plans & Procedures Setup & Implementation

  15. HSE Plans & procedures Setup & Implementation

  16. Project Monitoring & Reporting

  17. Interface Management

  18. Project Close-out Documentation

​We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your projects through meticulous planning, efficient execution, and adherence to the highest quality standards.

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